Dinosaur Book 1

“Grandmother,” Cauda squeaked, and then cleared his voice. “Grandmother!” He ran over to her body.

His grandfather turned, eyes full of rage. Out of instinct, he swung his tail at Cauda.

“Grandfather, it’s me!” Cauda said, jumping out of the way. Since he was still small, he was able to stand on two legs and scamper away just in time.

Lentus swung again but then snapped out of it. He shook his head and seemed to recognize his grandson.

“Cauda,” he said, regaining his composure. He cleared his throat. “You should get away from here. They may be back any minute.”

“What happened grandfather?” Cauda approached slowly, trying not to look at the blood.

“Allosaur attack—I…I couldn’t stop them this time,” he said. He frowned, his body shaking in anger. “We cannot go on like this. We have to put a stop to it.”

“But how, grandfather?”

Lentus seemed not to hear. “There has to be a way. We can’t fight them on our own.” He muttered to himself.

Cauda heard a rustling in the trees. Grandfather came back to focus. “Cauda, you must find your father. Now.”

His tone was so sharp and scary Cauda felt compelled to obey. In his haste, he forgot about the noise in the trees. He ran as fast as he could on his two legs, right into a passing ornithopod.

“Ooph, I’m so sorry!” Cauda said.

The ornithopod glanced down at him and gave him a crooked smile. Then he walked away, towards Lentus.

Confused, Cauda kept decided not to think anymore about it, and went off in search for his father. The next day, all the allosaurs were gone, and so were the ornithopods.

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